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So this week was my first week back in school, and after two days I’m already feeling super stressed and anxious. There is SO much information I have to read through, remember and demonstrate. As of now I feel so overwhelmed by this semester. I’m asking myself “Can I do this?”, “How stressed will this make me?”, “Will my anxiety start getting bad again?” These are all questions that I am scared to know the answers. The crazy thoughts haven’t stopped since my first day of class. Today, the thoughts were worse. I couldn’t control them, and they took over. I already have a lot of homework, and I should be doing some of it right now. The thing is, writing this blog is what helps calm me down enough to be able to think. I sat down to do my homework, and I couldn’t focus because of the stress. So what did I do to help myself?

I decided to clean my room! It is impossible for me to do homework in a messy room. I absolutely can not do it. I guess this is where you can see my OCD. I can try, but I end up looking around my room thinking about how messy it is and how I need to clean it. I even have to fix my bed. “I need to clean before I can do this homework” is the thought that completely overcomes and consumes me. Once my room is clean, I can sit down and concentrate. Unfortunately, my messy room wasn’t the only consuming thought I experienced today. I’ve been dealing with all the other thoughts I mentioned to you earlier in this post. Cleaning my room eliminated one issue but not all of them. So what did I do from there? I decided to drag out my yoga mat and do a little yoga to help me calm down and center myself. I love yoga because I can adjust it to go any speed I want. Today, I wanted to take things slow and focus on my stretching and breathing. It was so nice to take that time to focus on my mind-body connection. I would recommend yoga to anyone who is stressed or anxious! If something more “upbeat” helps you calm down, you could try power yoga. You can customize yoga to fit the needs of your preference and mood.

For instance, while I was doing yoga today I set up my mat in a space I feel comfortable, my room. I changed into really comfy, movable clothes and put on some music that helps me calm down. I know what you most likely think when I say music and yoga in the same sentence. You’re probably thinking about the instrumental music that has beach waves or raindrops in it. No rule says you have to listen to that type of music when you do yoga (although I sometimes do). So what kind of music did I listen to? I listened to same music I always do when I want to calm my mind and body. I listened to Lana Del Rey while warming up and I listened to The Weeknd for the rest of the workout. I am currently still sitting on my yoga mat listening to The Weeknd while I type this because I needed a little more to help calm me down. I’m already feeling calmer and more focused. My stress and anxiety have majorly decreased, and I think I will find it much easier to focus on my homework now.

I didn’t know how to cope with my stress and anxiety in the beginning. I didn’t know what to do to help myself, and I am so happy that I have finally figured that out. It is so important to experiment with activities, music or anything else to help you find what helps relieve stress and anxiety. Carrying that overwhelming feeling around with you everywhere makes it much harder to do everyday tasks such as homework or anything else. To be able to help myself effectively makes me so happy and proud of myself. I encourage everyone to take the time and effort to figure out what best helps them. I didn’t figure that out for myself right off the bat; it took time. Another big thing I want to say is DON’T feel embarrassed about what helps you calm down and center yourself. Do your best to remind yourself it doesn’t matter what other people would think of it if they knew because it DOESN’T matter what others would think. All that matters is how it makes you feel and that it helps you calm down and relieves that stress and anxiety you’re carrying around. Any time you’re able to help yourself is a time you should be proud. I know I’m proud of myself!




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