What Empowers You?

Today I want to ask, “What empowers you?”, “What makes you feel strong?”, “What gives you confidence?” Let me tell you what empowers me, gives me strength and gives me confidence. My friends and family do all of the above! However, there are other small things I can do throughout my day and life that... Continue Reading →



I’m back! I really want to hit on self-esteem and body image today because both are things I have struggled with since I was little. I know many others struggle with it as well. When I looked in my mirror yesterday I had positive thoughts about my appearance which doesn’t always happen. When I looked... Continue Reading →

My Boundaries

I have a difficult time Saying no to people when I need to Creating space and time for myself Drawing lines where lines need to be drawn Standing up for myself Making my voice heard   When it comes down to it, fear and anxiety are the factors making these things so difficult for me. ... Continue Reading →

Path to Serenity

So this week was my first week back in school, and after two days I’m already feeling super stressed and anxious. There is SO much information I have to read through, remember and demonstrate. As of now I feel so overwhelmed by this semester. I’m asking myself “Can I do this?”, “How stressed will this... Continue Reading →

My Support System

For a long time, I felt like I didn’t have a support system to help me deal with my anxiety. When I look back now I realize it was my fault that I didn’t have that because I wasn’t letting anyone in to help me. I didn’t acknowledge that anxiety was a real problem for... Continue Reading →


So this post is going to be very personal to me, but it's something I've been going through recently. It is part of the reason I recently opened my mind up to my anxiety, medication and starting this blog. I want to talk about anxiety in relationships. I want to tell you about how I... Continue Reading →

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